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Join us

Who can join?

We welcome junior skaters of all genders age 10-17 regardless of skating ability. We will teach you how to skate and teach you the rules of roller derby.

Not sure what roller derby is? Check out Roller Derby 101.

Getting started

All skaters start with a Bambi Bootcamp on Sundays in Saugus, MA. After completing boot camp, skaters can join one or both of our weekly practices.


We have 2 practices per week:


Derby lasts all year! The whole team participates in scrimmages usually about one weekend per month from September to May. Scrimmages are for all skill levels. Scrimmages usually alternate between L1/L2 jams and L3 jams. The travel team plays JRDA-sanctioned bouts usually from January to May, with national playoffs in June.

Game locations

Our “home games” are usually held at The Mill Works in Westford, MA. Other teams also host games and scrimmages, and those can be anywhere in the Northeast.


Everyone has to wear protective equipment. To play derby, every skater needs:

  • Quad roller skates (not inline skates)
  • Helmet
  • Elbow pads
  • Knee pads
  • Wrist guards
  • Mouth guard

All of this equipment is available from our fantastic sponsor Bruised Boutique, or really any skate shop.

Borrow before you buy

We recommend that you go to at least one practice before you buy gear.

We can loan you gear! We have equipment in various sizes that you can borrow, though we might not have the right size for everybody.


We ask that all players contribute a fee of $40 per year. If you can’t pay it, just let us know. We don’t want money to stop people from being able to play.

Join us!

Interested in joining? Come check us out at practice or attend a Bambi Bootcamp. See you on the track!