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The Coaches

Meet our excellent coaches.

Co-Head Coach Arts N Crass (Case)

Coach Case started skating in 2008 with Central Mass Roller Derby (CMRD). She skated with them for 4 years on their travel team, their home team Switchblade Sallies, then coached & played for the Bluestocking Bombers. When CMRD disbanded, Case would volunteer with local leagues as an official. Also, during its beginning, Case helped to coach Mass Maelstrom. Case has been a piece of our hearts as a coach since 2021!

Co-Head Coach Smackenzie Phillips

Coach Smackie started playing derby in 2014 with the Aloha City Rollers. In 2016, she began her coaching journey with the Yokosuka Mochi Pounders in Japan. She and her Co-Coach took a handful of skaters and built it to a team of 20+ skaters with a full coaching staff and junior officials. While in Japan, she skated with the Yokosuka Sushi Rollers and even went to the Roller Derby World Cup with Team Japan. After another move in 2018, Smackie found herself back in Hawaii being the Head Coach of the Honolulu Lei-Outs. She also Co-Captained Pacific Roller Derby’s travel team, The Hulagans. In 2021 Smackie made her final move to New Hampshire where she joined NHRD and volunteered to coach with us. We are so grateful to have her!

Coach Shocker


Coach Shocker started his derby career reffing for Granite State Roller Derby before making the move to New Hampshire Roller Derby in 2012. From there he launched his own playing career with Mass Maelstrom. Shocker is a utility player blocking, jamming, and pivoting. He started coaching for NH Roller Derby in 2019. In 2021 Shocker began playing for Casco Bay Roller Derby in Maine.

Tiny Dancer

Coach Tiny

Like many ‘90s kids, Tiny grew up on inline skates in the driveway and roller hockey at the tennis courts (thank you, Mighty Ducks). As an adult, Tiny saw roller derby advertisements and thought, “But I only know how to skate inline, and I’m not that athletic.” However, in 2019, Tiny put on a pair of  quad skates for the first time and joined a Mass Maelstrom roller derby practice. Thus, Tiny Dancer  was born! Later that year, Tiny would also join Pioneer Valley Roller Derby & skate with the Dirty Dozen. He would also become a coach for Worcester’s Junior Roller Derby team. Today, Tiny skates with Casco Bay Roller Derby where  he is also the league secretary and member of the training team. He still skates with  Pioneer Valley.

Coach Risky Bismuth

Risky Bismuth

Coach Risky grew up skating at her local rink and finally, after a LONG hiatus, joined Boston Roller Derby in 2022 and is now a jammer for not only their home and travel teams, for which she won Rookie of the Year, but also for Team Massachusetts. There is a rumor she blocked once! She also serves as the Outreach Chair for Boston Roller Derby, whose focus is on helping local nonprofits, and will be joining their Coach-in-training program this upcoming season. When not skating, Risky spends her free time dabbling in metallurgy where she makes handcrafted crystals and assorted jewelry out of… wait for it… Bismuth.

Coach Slash


[Coach bio forthcoming]


Coach Chase started skating later in life. He is more familiar with ice than roller but used to go to the local rink until it closed about a decade ago. He’s learning as he goes which can be helpful for new skaters, they have something in common. He’s currently enrolled in the BRD reffing class to gain new skills and skates as often and with as many different groups as possible.

Coach Pixie

Pixie began her derby career in 2008 with the Skate Free or Die! Roller girls, now known as New Hampshire Roller Derby. She skated with them from 2008 until 2015 taking a two-year break to rookie coach for Mass Maelstrom Roller Derby based in Massachusetts. From 2018 until present, she has skated primarily with the New Hampshire Roller Derby All-Stars, and the New Hampshire Roller Derby Cherry Bombs, NHRD’s travel teams. For Pixie it’s a family affair! Her husband is Coach 2Pack Shocker, and both his (and her step) children play for the Skate Riots.

Julia Forsythe

[Coach bio forthcoming]

Miss Batty

[Coach bio forthcoming]